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Improve your health, strength and stamina in just 8 weeks!

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Taking the next step into becoming your better self is quite a daunting task, especially if you don't know where to start, how to progress and what consumables to be ingesting.

With the 8-Week Challenge, our Fitness Professionals strategically plan out every single step you need to take to reach your desired goals.

Challenge Starts 11th January, 2021 - Previous Results Shown Below

What the 8-Week Challenge includes:

  • Access to UNLIMITED PrimoFit Classes

  • All Challengers will be provided with a custom, personalised diet plan suited to progress to their individual goals

  • A grocery list is devised which includes the brand of the item

  • FREE Body composition:

    • BMI (Body Mass Index)

    • Skinfold testing (measures body fat percentage)

    • Size measurements

  • Online Coaching to keep you on track and motivated

  • Complete Gym Access for 8 weeks

  • Participant with the most improvement will WIN $1000 CASH

How can you become a Challenger?

Simply fill in the form below so we can outline your goals. Once you have submitted the questionaire, one of our Fitness Professionals will contact you via a phone call and/or an e-mail with information on entering the challenge.


Why do you want to complete the 8-Week Challenge?
How often can you exercise per week?
Have you sustained any injuries recently that may prohibited your exercises?
Have you struggled with achieving your goal or sticking to a plan?
Do you think you will reach your goals with daily accountability?


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