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Woman Practising Pilates


Bootycamp will promise a wonderful burn that focuses on the biggest muscle in your body - your glutes!



Transform the way you train by combining TRX and a wide variety of specialty exercises. Weekly modified routines and various equipment differentiations ensure an increased caloric output and a complete body workout.You will be using Kettlebells, Battle-ropes, Slam balls and more.

Training Session


Accomplish basic and intermediate boxing skills to get the most out of your punches! This class is recommended for all fitness levels. Equipment needed: Boxing Gloves and Hand Wraps.

CrossFit Class


Find a class that suits your training style

Fit Man


Roar is an approach to human movement that prioritises basic, natural movement. Deriving from exercises such as the squat, lunge, push-up and more, work your way to a higher level of progression with a fun focus on dynamics.

Young Woman in the Gym


Looking for a core strengthening solution? Our concentrated ab-centric ground based workout that will activate the deepest fibres of your core for effective ab building.

Lifting Weights


Combining various training methods / exercises to tone and shape the rear (the butt) and the legs.

Pilates Stretches


A series of exercises based on the work that will strength and lengthen muscles with a focus on the mind, body and core.

Crossfit Exercise


Are you ready to take your fitness to the next level? We combine strength training and cardio exercises to give you the ultimate workout that will leave you feeling better than when you left the class!

Zumba Dance Class


Want to have some fun?

Our Konga class promises high energy, easy to follow, mood elevating fusion of boxing, cardio, dance and sculpting set to the hottest beats.



Our Workout of the Day is a surprise every class. We can’t promise that you’ll love us after it, but we can promise you’ll love yourself for pushing through it.

Workout Group


When you mix elements of boxing, Pilates and dance, you get Piloxing! Take your fitness journey to the next level with this high-energy workout while using weighted gloves for that extra burn.

Boot Camp


Improve your overall fitness and strength with Bootcamp – our favourite group class. Every class is different which works with your strengths and overall physical ability. Don’t be scared – we’ll be with you along the entire class.

Drum Sticks


Don’t just listen to music – become the music! Get your high-intensity cardio and strength training all in one badass workout. Pound is designed for all fitness levels and provides an exhilarating atmosphere to let loose, tone up and rock out!

Pilates Class on Reformers


Join our fantastic team as we take you through techniques inspired by Ballet, Yoga and Pilates. This workout will be sure to increase your functional mobility and strength.

Free Yoga


Connect your mind and body as we combine a variety of physical postures, breathing techniques, meditation and relaxation. Yoga will promote your mental and physical wellbeing!

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